My Journey from Addiction to Recovery

Patrick Cronin from addiction to recovery

So, in writing my first blog I’d like to introduce myself. Telling you this is my first blog also lets you know that I really have no idea what I am doing as a writer but, with that being said, I hope my own personal stories and posts here will have a positive impact on someone’s life. If my posts influence or affect one person in a positive way, then it was all worth it. I will start off by saying that I am a recovering heroin addict and alcoholic. Some would say why don’t you just say you are a person in long term recovery? To answer that question…Sometimes I do. It depends on who I am talking to.

The reality is I NEVER want to forget the pain of being in such a dark place. Yes, I am sober, and I truly believe I have the best life ever but, with that being said, there is someone reading this post that has never taken a sober breath. I want those readers to know….I understand you. I was once the hopeless variety.

After living what I believe to have been a pretty decent upbringing, I fell prey to a crippling opiate addiction that I didn’t see coming from a mile away. Catholic schools my whole life, sports, vacations and endless opportunities to succeed in life were all in the cards for me.

Why then would someone with a promising future choose to pick up drugs and destroy their life?

Well, that is where I believe so much misinformation and stigma lie around substance abuse and mental health disorders.  A big reason why it took me many years to find recovery was because my family (including myself) thought too much about what others would think instead of realizing the nature of addiction being life or death. Thank God my parents sought help and came to realize that addiction is a disease. From that point on, my journey of treatment, sobriety, relapse and chaos began.

I now have over 14 years in recovery, which is the most important accomplishment in my life. I managed to become the person I always wanted to be because of this blessing called recovery. Throughout this process I have had many trials and tribulations and I am so grateful for that because everything has been a learning experience. I have been blessed to get married, have a beautiful daughter, and own a home.

Remember…..I was a homeless heroin addict that wasn’t going to accomplish anything in my life!!

Whoever is reading this don’t believe the LIE, that says recovery is not possible. You can most certainly get sober and turn your life around. Your disease will always tell you the big lie. Stay STRONG and NEVER give up! Recovery is always possible!

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What a wonderful message. I am in recovery,cocaine and alchohol. I have 31 years sober. I had the fairy tale up bringing. Smart,excelled in everything I did. Never any money problems. I had the almost perfect life as a child. I to became homeless, lost my children, lost my, became a prisoner in my own body. So I can certainly relate. Looking forward to your next blog. Hi my name is Tina

Thank you Dawntina! It seems like our stories are quite similar!

Great job Pat,

Keep writing.

Thank you bud! Hope all is well!

All is wonderful. We should talk soon.

Thank you Tim!

Tracy Sontag- Coleman

Thank you and God bless.

Thank you!

Great blog. Great story. Happy for your journey and your bounty. Continue to share your message of hope and resilience. It’s invaluable

Thank you my friend!

I love your first blog. My daughter died of an overdose and I only wish she could have stayed sober.
Education is the key to parents and everyone in dealing with opioid addiction.
I look forward to reading your future blogs.
Congratulations on your continued sobriety and the blessing of a daughter.
You are making a difference

I am so sorry for your loss Diane. You are right about education. Hopefully I will continue to be blessed enough to speak at as many schools as possible. You will continue to be in my prayers.

Proud of you buddy. Keep doing Gods work!!!

Thank you bud!

Pat, as a mom of an addict , who died from this disease, Thank You! Your struggles and successes give hope to others. Praying that your story saves an addict’s mom from grieving the loss of her child. God Bless.

Thank you for the kinds words Barbara!

I love reading success stories, and I am very happy that yours is just that.

My son has exactly as long as you in active addiction. He became addicted the same time you got sober.
By that time addiction was talked about a little more. There was never a day I was ashamed of my son, yet he has carried the shame for all these years.

Throughout these years I can not count how many I have reached out to, always willing to tell his story.
I asked everyone for help, everyone I thought that could help him, or get him help. In doing so, I have met some beautiful people, although they could never help.

I’ve been told by professionals that he wants sobriety, yet just has not been able to achieve it. This is what breaks my heart. There is nothing worse than having a child you gave birth to being sick, and not being able to get him better. It is never going to stop me though, I am going to continue leading him to water.

Patrick, continue your blog, as you will give others hope when they feel there is none.
Bless you and your family.

Thank you so much Beverly for the kind words. When I have discussions with my mother she explains to me the pain you just described. I will continue to pray for you. Never give up and always speak on recovery if you feel it helps you. If there is anything I can try to do to help please let me know.

Patrick, thank you for sharing your story, Congratulations and keep staying strong!
Keep sharing your story,it will help end the stigma behind Mental Health issues and hopefully, someday, people won’t be afraid to talk about it
I teach Mental Health First Aid and stigma, hopelessness, afraid, ashamed are all words that come up. The only way we can end the stigma is to talk about it!
Please continue to do your blog, you will be helping so many people!
Thank you again and God Bless!

Thank you so much Jennie! I plan on it!

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